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Our Story

Under the auspices of the FCI, our breeding kennel has been registered since December 14, 2020, under the protected international name Royal Canis Dynasty. By selecting quality puppies, participating in numerous shows and professional meetings, we strive to create the highest quality breeding.

In addition to physical health, we also focus on their wonderful temperament and mental well-being. We engage in a variety of activities, from obedience, tracking, nosework, coursing, agility, to canisterapy.

In the past, we also dealt with breeding Oriental and Siamese cats, but we discovered that our bloodline is truly meant for our loving four-legged friends who accompany us on journeys of comfort and discomfort, with their furry coats.

We raise our darlings in a home filled with mysteries and regularly take them on endless walks in the forest. They have a friendly and sociable nature, getting along well with other dogs as well as cats. They show respect and admiration towards people. However, their hunting genes are also apparent, so it is important to train them properly. And in this regard, you can always count on us. Whether your puppy needs to be house trained, taught not to pull on the leash, learn various tricks or special exercises, we will be here for you...


The Dalmatian belongs to the 6 FCI group under the number 153. Although Dalmatia is considered his homeland, he probably comes from India and was purposefully bred mainly in the United Kingdom. His likeness can also be found on frescoes from ancient Egypt. Originally, this is a hunting breed, it was used as a fur coater or dyer. Later, they used it to guard horses and accompany them alongside carriages. Later he accompanied the fire trucks. The Dalmatian dog is above all an excellent companion and friend. 
The Dalmatian has an unfair reputation as a stupid dog. However, the opposite is true. It is an intelligent and docile breed. In the past, it was not known that the color white transmits deafness, so all puppies have both ears tested by an expert before being handed over from a good breeder. With a Dalmatian you will experience a lot of joy every day, he is always full of energy and ready to go for a walk anywhere. It is able to live in an apartment, but it needs longer walks, and yet it is necessary to realize that it is one of the largest of the medium breeds. It is suitable for more active people and families with children. 
Age: the Dalmatian lives up to 12-14 years
height at the withers: 54-61cm
Kg: around 24-32 kg
Coat: short - it sheds all year round, it is not suitable to keep it outside in winter
Relationship with children: very good
Relationship with animals: very good 
Difficulty in education: undemanding
Difficulty of movement: demanding

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