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Activities with the dog

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Exhibitions & Juniorhandling

       Dog show awards are not just nice cups or diplomas, it is primarily a system of breeding individual breeds. At exhibitions, individuals are judged by judges - experts on specific breeds. Judges give the dogs marks, verbal evaluations, titles and placing order. All these parameters are important in the further "career" of the dog. Only a dog with a good result from the show can become a breeder - that is, its descendants can receive a certificate of origin.

       Junior handling does not have a Slovak name, this discipline is relatively young in our country. It is a show of dogs by children, and it has the longest tradition in the USA. It was created at dog shows, where children devoted themselves to dogs in their free time, and it became clear what little cynologists and their canine friends know. And so already in the 1930s, a regular competition was established, which quickly spread to other countries.



Loosely translated, one could say that this is "nose work". Nosework as a sport was first recorded in 2009 in the USA and came to us five years later. It is a sport and entertainment for everyone. It uses the natural abilities of dogs and is suitable for all dogs regardless of age, size, physical fitness or speed. It is also suitable for all dog handlers. You can already start preparing for nosework with young dogs. For the test, however, the dog must be older than 10 months for beginner tests, ev. 12 months for exams of the first or higher level.



Coursing is a canine sport based on the dog's natural desire to hunt and follow its prey. It is a run on natural terrain behind an artificial bait in the form of a bunch of plastic tapes pulled between a system of pulleys on a track approximately 300 - 900 m long, which simulates the real movement of a hare. The task of the dog is to catch this bait. During coursing, he develops his speed, dexterity, endurance, but also his ability to cooperate with other dogs. An integral part of coursing is the dog's joy from free movement, the reward in the form of catching the bait and the praise of the handler.



(Slovak for mobility, dexterity, skill) is a cynological sport in which a dog under the guidance of a handler overcomes obstacles set up on a parkour course in the order determined by the judge. The winner of the race is the team that completes the course in the shortest possible time and without penalty points. 

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